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Mental Health Solutions

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports that in 2014/15 stress accounted for over 43% of all workdays lost due to ill health in the UK. This suggests it is time to start thinking proactively about mental health in the workplace.

We can provide a comprehensive range of interventions that protect employee mental health in an affordable and effective manner.

We can work collaboratively with occupational health providers or directly with employers, providing both responsive services to tackle existing mental health concerns, and proactive solutions, which deliver a bespoke, business-led approach to help achieve a mentally healthy workplace culture. Our mental health solutions result in increased productivity, reduced stress and preventable errors, and help support personal and organisational resilience.

Responsive Solutions

We offer three independent but interlinked approaches which support those with existing mental health concerns.

The RGU:Wellness team will work with individuals to recommend the most suitable solution based on personal requirements.

Proactive Solutions

Mindfulness is one of today’s most popular mental health solutions and is used by organisations as diverse as Google, Goldman Sachs, Transport for London and the US Military.

We offer a range of mindfulness programmes tailored to the specific needs of your company.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)


Person-Centred Counselling (PCC)



RGU:Wellness Mental Health Clinic

All the above mentioned mental health solutions can be offered in the office or at the RGU:Wellness Mental Health Clinic, located at our Garthdee facility.

Our Mental Health Clinic works with clients following referral from their employer or Occupational Health Provider or from GPs. Individuals may book an independent course of sessions.

With the challenges of modern working life, we recognized the value in offering mindfulness training to our employees as one means of improving and maintaining their wellbeing. We wanted to offer a skill that would benefit employees at home as well as at work. It was well received by the trial group and we intend to offer this training to the wider population in our UK Business.

Vic Retalic

UK HSE & Security Manager, Premier Oil