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Functional Capacity Evaluations & Worksite Assessments

Sickness absence from work is an increasingly important issue for employers in both the public and private sectors. Its impact on productivity, as well as the personal effect on the individual and their colleagues, is being recognised more and more.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced and professional Occupational Therapists can conduct a range of work related standardised assessments with employees using sophisticated equipment and software, designed to provide objective and comprehensive information on their work capabilities and guide return-to-work decision making.

What we offer:

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Cognitive Assessment

Ergonomic and Work Based Assessment

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Abermed recently requested a Visual Perception Evaluation to be carried out at the RGU Human Performance Laboratory. The evaluation was required to assess the capability of an individual with a visual impairment to meet work demands and carry out necessary functions.

A thorough assessment was carried out at the Human Performance Laboratory and a comprehensive report was issued detailing the individual’s performance capabilities and highlighting any areas of difficulty that could impact on function. The assessment and the resulting report were carried out in a timely fashion and provided us with a comprehensive and objective assessment. Abermed would be pleased to use this excellent service again.

Cheryl Carroll

Occupational Health and Medical Governance Manager, Abermed