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Absence Management

RGU:Wellness services are designed to enhance standard Absence Management products. Our portfolio of high quality services can either stand alone or can be followed as part of a customised package, depending on individual needs.

Managed by a single point of contact and with all services conveniently located on the same site, RGU:Wellness is able to cut waiting times significantly and return employees to work much sooner.

We deliver

Expert health and wellbeing assessments including monitoring, diagnostics and treatment

Rapid access to a tailored rehabilitation package, with swift transition between services as required

Individual case management by an experience Rehabilitation Case Coordinator

Responsive reporting from referral through to rehabilitation

Evidence-based services underpinned by research

Why do I need Absence Management?

In addition to staggering sick pay and associated costs of around £29 billion per year in the UK*, the greatest cost to business is often loss of productivity, effectiveness and morale. This impacts not only on the individual but also on a company’s ability to deliver its services or products, subsequently affecting income and reputation.

Research shows that businesses can reduce their absence costs by 50% by proactively introducing absence management policies. Additionally, through early detection, assessment and intervention, effective absence management can also reduce presenteeism, which is estimated to be equally detrimental to productivity.

Good occupational health should not be viewed merely as a perk of large multinationals. In small and medium sized businesses, staff absence is felt even more acutely and can be critical for delivering output and achieving deadlines. No matter the size of your organisation, looking after your workforce has never been more important.

* PWC (2013). Available here

Does your company benefit from an Absence Management Policy?

If not, RGU:Wellness can undertake a comprehensive needs analysis and recommend interventions suited to your organisation based on current best practice. Following this we can work with you to implement a tailor made, holistic wellness programme which will result in meaningful change to the health of your business.

RGU:Wellness provided us with an exceptional physiotherapy service, and their work place assessments identified potential problem activities and provided solutions. I now feel confident that my staff are able to return to their duties in a safer manner and I believe we will have less sickness absence going forward. Our priority is to ensure our employees are safe in their work place. We feel the services and flexible approach offered by RGU:Wellness fit very well with our goals. I look forward to working more closely with the RGU:Wellness team.