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Our Facilities

Our expert-driven services benefit from state-of-the-art facilities in RGU’s beautiful and highly modern campus. These cutting-edge resources enable our staff to produce quick and convenient results for clients every time.

We have invested in:


X ray imaging suite with PACS based image management


Human Performance Lab


Functional Capacity Evaluation Centre


Mental Health Clinic


Physiotherapy Clinic

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RGU:Wellness provided us with an exceptional physiotherapy service, and their work place assessments identified potential problem activities and provided solutions. I now feel confident that my staff are able to return to their duties in a safer manner and I believe we will have less sickness absence going forward. Our priority is to ensure our employees are safe in their work place. We feel the services and flexible approach offered by RGU:Wellness fit very well with our goals. I look forward to working more closely with the RGU:Wellness team.