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Who do we work with?

Whether you are an occupational health provider, medical or other health professional or an employer, RGU:Wellness offers a broad range of evidence-based, industry focused health innovations which will help you achieve your business objectives.

The flexible nature of our consultancy and services mean that they are fully customisable to your organisation’s needs.

Are You In The Business Of Health?

Are prolonged waiting times for diagnostic and treatment services affecting the delivery of your services to your clients? Would you like a solution that removes the complications of communication with multiple providers by working with one organisation offering a range of integrated services?

With all our services located on one site and appointments available usually within a week of referral, RGU:Wellness can help you enhance the speed and quality of your clients’ experience.

By working with RGU:Wellness you can help your clients reduce or avoid expensive periods of absence, improve business continuity for you and your client and ultimately grow your net income.

Do You Want Better Health For Your Business?

Smart companies recognise that a healthy workforce equals a healthy business. The CIPD Absence Management Survey 2015* estimates that the median absence cost was £554 per employee. Indirect costs of poor health, including absenteeism, disability and reduced output can be several times higher than the cost of proactively investing in the health of your workforce.

RGU:Wellness can design bespoke solutions which will help keep your workforce healthy and ultimately reduce your future absence management spend.

At RGU:Wellness patients gain access to expert assessment and treatment without delay, resulting in a speedier return to work and reducing the risk of recurring absences, thus producing a better outcome for both your employee and your business.

Our services are designed to complement and enhance those already delivered by your occupational health provider. We can work directly with your current provider as part of your existing occupational health agreement, or you can access each individual service directly.

Not sure why you need occupational health? See our section on Absence Management to learn more.

*CIPD (2015). SimplyHealth Absence Management Survey Report. Available at: http://www.cipd.co.uk/binaries/absence-management_2015.pdf

Are in the business of health? Do you want better health for your Buiness?

If so, contact us for more information

RGU:Wellness provided us with an exceptional physiotherapy service, and their work place assessments identified potential problem activities and provided solutions. I now feel confident that my staff are able to return to their duties in a safer manner and I believe we will have less sickness absence going forward. Our priority is to ensure our employees are safe in their work place. We feel the services and flexible approach offered by RGU:Wellness fit very well with our goals. I look forward to working more closely with the RGU:Wellness team.