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About Us

RGU:Wellness offers a suite of specialist services to support the health and wellbeing agendas of clients in all sectors.

Designed to complement and enhance existing occupational health services, RGU:Wellness provides innovative, forward thinking and sustainable solutions to complex and costly absence and health-related problems.

Our History

RGU:Wellness is built upon the knowledge, experience and expertise of our highly qualified clinical/academic staff and from 40 years of training and developing health care professionals. The university is one of the leading providers of applied, practitioner focused education for health and social care. RGU:Wellness was established in response to market needs for effective and timely rehabilitation and specialist diagnostic services, making it easier for companies to directly benefit from our skills and expert capabilities.

What makes us different?

The RGU:Wellness portfolio includes a range of services and consultancy, available to occupational health providers, medical or other health professionals and employers. Its flexible structure means that clients can benefit from one or several services depending on individual requirements.

Our guiding principle is to deliver quality care and a responsive service. We offer:

  • Person centred services, all available on one site
  • Rapid access to appointments
  • Swift transition between services as required
  • Prompt reporting
  • Practice that is underpinned by research

By choosing RGU:Wellness as your preferred provider, you will benefit from:

  • Streamlined occupational health processes
  • Reduced patient anxiety
  • Faster rehabilitation to the workplace
  • Reduced absenteeism and improved productivity

As RGU:Wellness is part of Robert Gordon University, a charitable organisation, all profits are reinvested into the university. This supports the future sustainability of the university thus ensuring the continued provision of high quality educational opportunities for our local communities.

You can expect:


Professional, client focused approach


State-of-the-art facilities


Rapid assessment & referral


Effective, integrated, and individually case managed patient treatment pathways


Innovative, values driven solutions


Improved business outcomes through progressive business focused thinking


Workplace wellbeing strategies


A dependable partner in occupational health support


We offer a broad range of evidence-based, industry focused health innovations which will help you achieve your business objectives.


Our expert-driven services benefit from state-of-the-art facilities in RGU’s beautiful and highly modern campus